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美滋滋直播appThrough the College's programmes in the arts, humanities and communication, the Faculty of Arts & Social Sciences and its students explore the range of creative expression and thought -both past and present- in languages and literature, culture and history, critical thinking and philosophy, media studies and professional ethics.

The mission of the Faculty is to provide a broad education in arts and humanities as well as training in a particular academic specialty. We focus on cultural appreciation as well as the proficient and effective use of language, giving students the confidence and ability to face the challenges of a society where multi-lingual communication and cultural sensitivities are increasingly important in a global community.

Dean's Message

美滋滋直播appThe Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences is a community of dedicated teachers whose teaching prepares students for wide-ranging careers. It consists of three Departments: Chinese Literature, English, Journalism and Communication. We offer diverse and innovative curricula that respond to the needs of society and help students become both employable graduates and responsible citizens committed to lifelong learning.

美滋滋直播appThe Faculty is gaining international recognition through its strong academic links with first-tier universities. It has established academic cooperation and exchange activities with Peking University, Nanjing University, National Chengchi University, and University of Potsdam in Germany.

The Department of Chinese Literature aims to foster students with proficient language abilities and a sound knowledge of classical and modern Chinese literature through in-depth studies of ancient and modern classics.

The Department of English offers a programme that allows students to gain a deeper understanding of the English language and Western culture and arranges internships that give students more opportunities to actively practise professional English.

The Department of Journalism and Communication was established in 1968 and has nurtured more than 2,500 graduates. Its programmes provide state-of-the-art knowledge of crossmedia and mobile communication. The Department has been running a summer internship scheme in which students are scheduled to work in large organisations in Hong Kong, Beijing, Taiwan, and Canada.

美滋滋直播appI invite you to browse our website to explore our departments, our research centres, undergraduate and postgraduate programmes.

Chiu Kay TANG
Dean, Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences
MBBS, BA (Hons),
MPhil and PhD (HKU)


Degree Programmes Fully Recognized under the Hong Kong Qualifications Framework

With the excellence of its 4-year tertiary education system in Hong Kong

The degree programmes leading to the

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are accredited by the Hong Kong Council for Accreditation of Academic and Vocational Qualifications.

Department of Chinese Literature

Explore particular moments in cultural history...

美滋滋直播appProgrammes in Chinese history and Chinese literature aim to foster a critical understanding and appreciation of literary and historical expression. Specific courses focus on literary texts and upon methods of literary analysis and criticism; others explore particular moments in cultural history and emphasize how works of art, or pieces of historical writings, function within a given society.

Department of Journalism and Communication

Students have the opportunity of an annual study tour...

The Department of Journalism and Communication is one of the oldest tertiary education programmes in Hong Kong, and has been producing journalists in Hong Kong for more than 30 years. With an emphasis on both theories and practical training, our courses teach students about modern developments in journalism and communication and allow them to practise in a departmental radio station, editing room and a TV production studio fully equipped to professional standard. Students have the opportunity of an annual study tour to mainland China, and also annual summer placement in various reputable news and broadcasting agencies in Hong Kong and overseas.

Department of English

English for Professional Communication to train students into graduates to work for commerce...

The English Department provides English language courses to all students of the College and at the same time offers an English degree programme in English for Professional Communication to train students into graduates to work for commerce and industry in Hong Kong and the Pearl River Delta Region. The Department also offers General Education courses and third language courses including French, German, Japanese, Korean and Spanish.